We Build Stronger Communities

We Build Stronger Communities

We are proud to be part of a global non-profit organization dedicated to building strong, lasting foundations for families in need of decent, affordable housing. 

Founded in 1976 in Americus, Georgia, USA, Habitat for Humanity International has decades of experience in helping people create and strengthen safe, stable homes. 

To date, they have helped build, renovate, or repair more than 13 million houses, providing shelter and support to families all over the world.

Motivated by Christian principles and guided by God’s love, Halifax-Northampton Habitat for Humanity also takes a compassionate and inclusive approach. 

As part of the global Habitat for Humanity organization, we strive to achieve this vision by constructing homes in our local community, advocating for fair housing policies, and offering training programs to help families improve their shelter conditions.

We are eager to offer a supportive and non-discriminatory platform to help individuals and families achieve their homeownership goals. 

We provide the right guidance to help participants take the crucial first steps towards their journey to owning a home. We also provide learning programs to those who may not be immediately eligible to help them work towards their goal by showing their commitment to overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of homeownership.

We call on everyone to help make lasting, positive change in the lives of families searching for shelter. If you believe in this cause, reach out to us to see how you can support us in transforming lives and communities for the better. 

We welcome all volunteers and supporters from different backgrounds to come together and work toward a common goal of eliminating substandard housing and providing a safe and reliable home for every family.